Surface Protection

Today’s consumers have come to expect a higher level of product quality that must be preserved throughout the manufacturing process and on to retail environments. To meet market demand, manufacturers must be diligent about protecting component surfaces from potential hazards.

Argent can develop surface protection solutions to help automakers and other manufacturers reduce rework costs and deliver showroom-ready products. Available in both temporary and permanent adhesive systems, we offer a range of surface protection products, including perforated temporary film, vehicle exterior wrap arounds, and permanent, anti-static, nearly invisible urethane films that protect wheel flares from stone impingement. Argent has developed a variety of low-cost solutions to meet nearly any surface protection need.

In the automotive industry, there are countless ways a vehicle can be dented, dinged or scratched.

Which is why surface protection solutions have grown in popularity to guard against damage from dirt, dust, gravel and other debris.

Common Surface Protection Applications

We’ve developed custom surface protection solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Exterior paint protection
  • Protective masking
  • Decorative component protection
  • Door edge area protection


Argent’s custom surface protection solutions add value to manufacturing operations in a number of ways, including:
  • Tailor-made to exact specifications
  • Available in kits, rolls or individual parts
  • Resistant to the elements
  • Material selection consulting
  • Reduced cycle time

Permanent and Temporary Surface Protection Solutions

Argent’s design team provided the surface protection solution for a chrome shifter bezel. Our specialty die-cut and temporary protective film preserves that perfect jewel-like finish from injection molder to dealer.

Surface Protection Solutions


Surface Protection Film in Rolls or Individual Pieces

Surface protection materials need to be die cut with tight tolerances to ensure precision application and quality performance. But to maximize efficiency, it’s equally crucial for manufacturers to consider how materials will be applied—either placed manually or by a machine. Argent can provide parts in a variety of forms, including rolls or individual sheets to match the intended manufacturing process.

Tabs and Liners for Surface Protection Materials

A lot of time can be lost if surface protection adhesives are hard to remove from their backing prior to assembly. To make the assemblers’ process easier, Argent can add custom tabs and extended liners to adhesive products that make the removal process quick and easy.

Surface Protection Materials


Highly conformable self-adhesive urethane films are primarily used for permanent exterior paint protection in automotive applications. They provide an extremely resilient, abrasion resistant barrier between surface and environment in vehicle areas susceptible to scratching and stone chipping. Urethane film is virtually invisible on most smooth gloss finishes and is non-yellowing.

LDPE Film Removable

Protective LDPE film (low-density polyethylene) provides temporary surface protection for automotive exterior finishes and decorative components. LDPE film is available in several thicknesses, adhesive coatings, and clear and opaque varieties to meet the needs of a variety of applications. LDPE film can be custom converted to meet the specific needs of your temporary surface protection application.

Surface Protection solutions

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