Heat Shielding

Argent’s TDS (Thermal Dissipating System) heat shields are one of the industry’s most cutting-edge families of heat shields.


About Heat Shields

One of the most important aspects of any heat-generating device’s design are the heat shielding components. Heat shields are used to absorb, reflect, or repel heat in order to keep other vital components cool.

In the automotive industry, heat shields are typically made from metal or ceramic materials that are designed to absorb or reflect heat away from the engine and exhaust system. Argent’s heat shields are designed to both reflect and absorb heat. In addition, they are adhesive backed, conformable, and generally lighter weight than metal or ceramic. This helps prevent any damage caused by excessive heat levels that occur during driving conditions such as hot weather or heavy loads on the engine.

Types of automotive heat issues

 There are three kinds of automotive heat issues: conductive, convective and radiant.


Conductive heat

 Occurs when something touches a hot object like an exhaust pipe.


Radiant heat

 Occurs when light shines on an object like a headlight bulb (which will get very hot if not properly shielded).


Convective heat

 Occurs when air moves around an object like an engine.

An automotive heat dissipating system typically involves a combination of materials that are designed to manage each type of automotive heat issue differently.

Heat Shield Solutions

Argent’s TDS Heat Shield offers protection from excessive heat using thermal insulation along with a reflective barrier. These features combine to offer your part protection from extreme temperatures. Our material is easily customizable to a shape that fits your specific application. The TDS composite is produced with an aggressive adhesive that adheres to most surfaces, eliminating the need for mechanical attachments. Compared to stamped heat shields, we provide a lower-cost alternative without impacting performance.

Material used in our heat shield solutions

Argent has designed an innovative thermal dissipating heat shield that is an alternative to traditional thermal and acoustical heat shields.

Our heat shields are composed of high-performance aluminum sheeting, fiber composite and a uniquely engineered, high-temperature, pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back for attachment.

Heat Shield Applications

Common applications for Argent heat shields include:

  • Fuel tank protection
  • Sensor protection
  • Underbody protection
  • Protection in areas where limited standard attachments can be used
  • Alternative to stamped heat shield

Benefits of Aluminum Heat Shields


Argent uses premium aluminum sheeting in our heat shield designs because aluminum as a material is lightweight, easy to work with and dissipates heat well.

The nature of aluminum means it has the ability to control the radiation and convection of heat. The material is also cost effective, and we work to pass on those cost efficiencies to our customers.

The Argent Heat Shield Value

  • Industry-leading aluminum heat shield technology
  • Rapid heat shield prototyping available with short lead times
  • Elimination of BSR, which is common in traditional stamped metal shields
  • Weight savings over traditional stamped heat shield applications
  • Low tooling investment costs
  • Ideal for use in areas where limited standard attachments can be used or limited space is available

    Custom heat shield solutions

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