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Solutions for Attachment

Today’s manufactured automotive components are often designed and constructed materials that present challenging surfaces for bonding and attachment. That’s why Argent works with a wide range of highly sophisticated adhesive materials and can die cut specialty adhesives to create cutting-edge yet economical attachment solutions. Argent provides custom converted attachment solutions for automotive trim, molding, badging, cladding and more.

Materials and Applications for Bonding and Attachment

Foam Tapes

For gasketing, insulating, cushioning and sound abatement, foam tapes are a workhorse material. Foam tapes offer versatility in both their thickness and density. They also allow for custom chemistry, custom cell structure and complex internal geometry. Dynamic foam tape applications include:

Sunroof Sealing


Window sealing


Replacing mechanical fasteners for better aesthetics


HVAC system seals


BSR reduction


Acrylic Foam Tape

Ideal for attaching exterior trim, molding, badging and cladding, acrylic foam tape, also known as VHB tape, has been a reliable choice for over 25 years. It is often used in the reduction of BSR because the acrylic foam can absorb sound wave vibration at the tape’s core. Acrylic foam tape is also leveraged for attaching mirrors, cameras and other automotive components.

Double-Coated Foam Tape

A lower-cost alternative to acrylic foam tape, double-coated foam tape is used often for interior and exterior applications where component parallelism and alignment are top priority. Double-coated foam tape is frequently leveraged for attachment, sound abatement, noise dampening and other BSR applications. Argent can provide tight-tolerance, high-speed die-cutting of double-coated foam tape for gasketing and sealing applications.

Other Bonding and Attaching Solutions

Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is a non-supported adhesive solution and can be used in a variety of contexts. Transfer tape, unlike double-coated tape, does not have a carrier within the adhesive. Instead transfer tape is coated onto a release liner that can be later removed. Because they have no carrier, they tend to be thinner and often more conformable than double-coated tapes. Transfer tape is often used as a laminating adhesive and made to be “self-stick.” Transfer tapes also tend to perform better at higher temperatures compared to double-coated tapes. Argent can work with you to develop a totally tailored solution using transfer tapes.

Some of the transfer tapes we provide:

  • High-temperature transfer tape
  • Very high bond transfer tape
  • Low surface energy transfer tape
  • Double linered adhesive transfer tape

Double-coated tape

Double-coated tape is a supported adhesive that has a carrier, or thin material positioned between layers of adhesive. Also called double-sided or double-faced tapes, double-coated tapes can be useful in the reduction of NVH. Double-coated tape is often used with nonwovens and low-density foams to support stretchy materials and keep them dimensionally stable and in alignment with required tolerances.

Some of the die-cut formats we provide for double-coated tape:

  • Kiss cut to a liner
  • Pull tab for easy assembly
  • Individually cut
  • Custom widths

Structural adhesive tape

Argent’s structural adhesive tape is used in our patented epoxy washer system. Our Epoxy Washer System uses a thermosetting epoxy film to permanently adhere metal washers to automotive hinge assemblies. Our thermosetting washers provide a number of process benefits; they simplify assembly, eliminate potential quality issues from welding operations, help to maintain door alignment during doors-off assembly, and don’t require any special skills to install.

Primary applications:

  • Fasten washers to doors, hinges or frames without welding
  • Reinstall doors conveniently after doors-off operations
  • Install washers to dirty or oily metal surfaces

Bonding and Attaching solutions

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