Mechanical Fasteners

The automotive manufacturing industry created a major demand for innovative fastening solutions that are strong, yet lightweight and easy to assemble. For high-cycle applications, durable fasteners that can be opened and reclosed are essential.

Today’s consumers expect that automotive interior fasteners and other components are hidden to convey a modern, sleek interior. Fasteners can also help to reduce rattling and vibration for a smoother, quieter ride — another necessity in today’s market.

Because of these industry demands, high-performance alternative fasteners are increasingly used in the attachment of a growing number of automotive components. Specialty die-cut and custom-designed products provide proven, effective and economical attachment solutions for a wide variety of applications. Alternative fasteners also provide several competitive and economic advantages over traditional mechanical fasteners.

Argent patented mechanical fastening solutions


Argent’s patented Wirestrap™ was developed as a cost-effective alternative to mechanical wire harness fasteners.

Flexible, durable and self-adhesive, Wirestrap™ can be installed almost anywhere on a vehicle without the need for troublesome holes used by traditional mechanical fasteners like pop-in clips and cable ties. Wirestrap™ is designed to perform in automotive interior environments and can be supplied with a variety of adhesive systems.


Applications and benefits of Wirestrap™

  • Reroute a wire-harness path at any time in the design/manufacturing process
  • Apply with conventional fasteners to stop rattles, pick-up slack and more
  • Utilize on specialty vehicles or optional equipment components
  • Prevent damage: can’t be over-tightened, has wider footprint
  • Save on low-cost design changes and applications
  • Solve most attachment challenges


Constructed of various plastics, Bridge-it™ provides a strong consistent platform to bridge gaps between mating surfaces of interior components, enabling the use of a variety of fastening products like 3M’s™ Reclosable Fasteners, acrylic foam tape, and hot melt adhesives. Bridge-it’s™ height is infinitely adjustable and is available in a variety of lengths and widths.

Applications and benefits of Bridge-It™

  • Employ Bridge-it™ in hot melt, blind fastening or repositionable applications
  • Apply with conventional fasteners to stop rattles or increase strength
  • Utilize on specialty vehicles or optional equipment components
  • Save on low-cost design changes and applications
  • Solve challenging, specialty points of attachment
The Bridge-it™ spacer system provides many modular fastening solutions. Bridge-it™ was developed to simplify automotive interior attachment by bridging gaps between mating components. Areas like headliners and door panels can present engineers with a variety of fastening and fitment challenges throughout the design process. Bridge-it™ addresses these challenges through a versatile array of fast, simple and inexpensive fastening solutions.

Mechanical fastener applications

Common applications for mechanical fasteners include:

  • Door panels
  • Interior trim
  • Sunroof rings
  • Headliner attachment
  • Specialty vehicle components
  • Hot melt, blind fastening or repositionable applications

    The Argent Mechanical Fastener Value

    • Industry-leading technology
    • Some fasteners do not require special tools or processing equipment
    • Design changes are made low cost with alternative fasteners
    • Prototyping available with short lead times

      Mechanical Fastener Solutions

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